Mosaic is a patchwork of diverse, melodic, progressive, and powerful music made up of Carl Straka, Erik Martin, Nema Sobhani, Phillip Tacoronte, and Zachary Moreno.

Cheers! "Life / Less" is out 

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Life / Less Music Video 

Mosaic's single, "Life / Less", reveals a natural marriage between colorful pop and aggressive rock. Imposing rhythmic themes, dreamy instrumentals, and catatonic vocals walk the listener through a nightmarish outlook of purpose and reclaimed ownership.

Mixed & Mastered by: Simon Grove (Nerve Studios)

Music Video by: Erik Martin 

Gaffer: Geoff Velando (GV Productions)


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Mosaic's Story

Mosaic is a patchwork of diverse, melodic, progressive, and powerful music. Drawing from elements of modern pop rock, and progressive/modern metal, the Denver band’s ability to navigate various styles, themes, and genres from song to song really highlights their flexible and inventive imagination while retaining a signature musical core.


From the dissolution of the band, “Beneath the Monument”, Zachary Moreno (guitar), Carl Straka (bass), and Erik Martin (drums) experienced a formative shift towards more progressive genres of metal, and with the addition of Nema Sobhani (guitar), cemented their foundation as Mosaic. With the release of the instrumental, “Fragments EP”, the band began an expansive, uncompromising two year search for a vocalist, ultimately recruiting a long sought-after prospect, and Erik’s former bandmate, Phillip Tacoronte.


The fully formed Mosaic released the “Collision EP” in June of 2015, and has since released a string of massive and diverse singles. “Home”, “Playing With Fire”, “Hollow”, “Dad Rock”, and “Life / Less” which have helped establish and grow a national fanbase. 


Listened to in 78 countries, the singles “Hollow” and “Dad Rock” both surpassed 100,000 streams in the first 6 months of their releases and received placements on Spotify’s own “New Blood” playlist. This led to the group being featured on Kerrang!’s website, and performances with the likes of: Issues, Polyphia, A lot Like Birds, Dayshell, Hail the Sun, Sleep Token, Eyes Set to Kill, I Set My Friends on Fire, and The Orphan and the Poet. Even Clayton Warwick the co-founder of The Music Ninja, said, “It’s not often you catch wind of someone who’s fusing pop-sensibility into their songwriting, alongside beautiful complexity in instrumentation, but that’s exactly what Mosaic is pulling off with ease. Simply put, these guys rip!”. 


For fans of Bring Me the Horizon, Don Broco, PVRIS, A Day to Remember, and Pierce the Veil, Mosaic’s exclusive pop-rock sound has launched them with urgency into the modern rock and post-hardcore scene. The band is currently polishing production on new unreleased songs and media for 2020 to make it their biggest year yet.



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Denver, CO, USA

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